Land-based Pre-Apprenticeship

Land-based Pre-Apprenticeship

SCQF Level

The land-based pre-apprenticeship programme provides a great introduction to land-based industries for young people. It helps them prepare for the working environment, develop new skills and add value by providing opportunities for progression to Modern Apprenticeships through a structured programme of work-based learning.

The three parts of the six-month programme are the induction, a work placement and certificated academic achievement.

  • The induction lasts for three weeks and provides a broad introduction to land-based industries, delivers certificated training in practical vocational skills e.g. manual handling, tractor driving, health & safety etc., and gives the learners a chance to work together as a group and with course tutors.
  • In the work placement, learners work with a mentor business, full-time over for twenty-six weeks. What they actually do depends on the needs of the placement business, with the mentor deciding what would suit the learners best. Throughout the placement, pre-apprentices should be enthusiastic and willing to contribute to the business.
  • Academic achievement is shown by the Certificate of Work Readiness (CWR) and other short courses or qualifications with land-based industries.

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