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Jenny McCallum

JL McCallum Agricultural Consultant Ltd
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I am a self-employed agricultural consultant serving a wide area across the Highlands. I am involved in delivering technical and business consultancy to farming and non-farming clients. I have strong leadership skills and am an experienced facilitator who is an effective and articulate communicator. I have undertaken training in both facilitation skills and participative training techniques.

I worked for 12 years with Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspection Directorate. During that time I was head of the Foot and Mouth licencing team in 2001, was involved with introduction of Single Farm Payment in 2005 and Scotland Rural Development Programme in 2008 presenting at roadshows around the region. As SRDP Post Approval Co-ordinator for Highlands, I facilitated numerous training workshops for Case Officers.

Moving into consultancy with SRUC in 2009, I gained experience of farm and business management, business analysis and planning, better business management, strategic management and agricultural production systems and being actively involved in reviewing and assessing farm business capability and performance. I facilitated business improvement groups and climate change focus farms looking at grassland and livestock system efficiencies.

I am experienced in completing all manner of applications including diversification (LEADER), agri environment (AECS), Young Farmer Start Up, New Entrant Capital, Small Farm and Croft Grants, Croft House Grant Scheme, Single Application Forms, livestock subsidy applications, census returns, record keeping requirements, and all manner of croft regulatory applications.

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