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•    Leadership and followership
•    Leadership: external context and culture
•    Collaborative leadership in voluntary organisations
•    Developing leadership practice in voluntary organisations
•    An introduction to public leadership
•    Leadership challenges in turbulent times


•    Workplace learning with coaching and mentoring
•    Exploring career mentoring and coaching
•    Three principles of a coaching approach

Managing people/Managing people from a distance    

•    Managing virtual project teams
•    Effective communication in the workplace
•    Discovering management
•    Managing projects through people
•    The role of the manager
•    Working in diverse teams
•    Difference and challenge in teams
•    Employment relations and employee engagement
•    Employee engagement
•    Developing high trust work relationships

Project management/development    

•    Preparing a project
•    Planning a project
•    Implementing the project
•    Completing the project
•    Project management: the start of the project journey


•    Entrepreneurship: from ideas to reality
•    Entrepreneurial behaviour


•    Financial accounting and reporting
•    Fundamentals of accounting
•    Introduction to bookkeeping and accounting

Business analysis    

•    Commercial awareness
•    Business communication: writing a SWOT analysis


•    Environmental factors and organisations
•    Organisations, environmental management and innovation
•    Integrated health, safety and environmental management
•    Sustainable Scotland