Help national standards stay relevant

Two workers with safety gear on meeting beside a forklift

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are important because they inform the content of vocational qualifications and apprenticeships and, in turn, the knowledge and skills of new entrants.  They are also used to support staff training and professional development.

We are currently reviewing the NOS for logistics and warehousing (including bonded warehousing, supply chain and postal services) and for game and wildlife management and crofters and smallholders.

Feedback from businesses is key to ensuring that appropriate knowledge, understanding and tasks are included, and that the standards remain ‘fit for purpose’ in an environment impacted by climate change, ongoing technological improvements, evolving regulatory and legislative requirements, and in a post-Brexit landscape.

The industry consultation will continue until 6th December, and we would be grateful if you could read the draft NOS here, then complete and return your feedback to our standards and qualifications team.