Jim Ewing

Jim Ewing

Jim’s job is to market Lantra in Scotland and support all the great work that our team does for our natural environment and rural economy. This can be anything from posting onto social media, writing press releases, creating promotional material, producing careers videos and podcasts, designing newsletters and editing our website.

He loves the fact that there’s such a variety in what he does, given the range of activities we get involved in across Scotland.
His background is in marketing and PR and he has decades of experience working in the not-for-profit sector.

In his spare time, he loves showing other people what a fantastic country Scotland is, while taking photographs of our incredible scenery. As well as spending time researching family trees and curling in the winter, he tries to give blood every 12 weeks, having started on his 18th birthday.

Getting in touch

You can contact Jim by phone on 01738 310158 or email here.