Online meeting

The Scottish Government is carrying out research into new business skills courses for women living and working in agriculture in 2022-2024.

This will look at people’s views on programme design and training needs, so the Government would like to speak to women with a range of experience and levels of confidence in completing business and finance tasks on a farm, croft or smallholding.

The focus groups are online and will last 1.5 - 2 hours. Participants will be sent an information sheet, consent form and short questionnaire to complete before the focus group, and a two-page course outline to read. They will also be offered a £40 voucher to thank them for taking part.

The first focus group is on Wednesday 30th March, with available times of: 10-12am, 2-4pm or 7-9pm. Further dates to follow.

To find out more, contact Louise Hellyer or Emily Harris.