Industry Champion Amy Lochhead


Our Industry Champions are giving us a fascinating insight into their lives and work by sharing short videos on what they’re doing in their respective industries.

Each week, we’re highlighting a specific industry on social media, and so far we’ve heard from our Agriculture, Land-based Engineering and Aquaculture champions. They are inspiring and fantastic ambassadors for their industries, doing an excellent job engaging with young people, career changes, new entrants and career influencers.

Still to come are Fisheries Management, Trees and Timber (w/b 7 June), Animal Care (w/b 14 June), Horticulture (w/b 21 June), Game and Wildlife (w/b 28 June), Equine (w/b 5 July) and Environmental Conservation (w/b 12 July). Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to find out more.