Skills summit report for land and sea industries published

A new report published by Lantra Scotland addresses challenges for the land and sea industries which were identified at skills summits in December and January.

Held in Ayrshire, Inverness and Perth, the events were attended by company leads, training providers, small rural businesses, HR managers, new entrants, educators, DYW staff and others.

Delegates looked at the challenges and opportunities relating to recruitment and skills in the sector, and the resulting findings have now been summarised in a report called Recruiting for the Future.

Director of Lantra Scotland, Liz Barron-Majerik, explained:

“We work with a wide range of land-based and aquaculture industry groups and other stakeholders, who are all pursuing the same aims: to raise the number, standard and diversity of new entrants to their sector and to upskill their existing workforce.

“Parallel solutions sometimes evolve to meet key skills challenges, with individuals working hard to address an issue, unaware that someone else has already done the same thing. This can be because individuals have little opportunity to interact, due to separation by geography or sector.

“To help address these issues, we held three skills summits for our land and sea sector, involving the key people who would be key to shaping the future direction of some of Scotland’s most important careers.

“They were designed to showcase some of the innovative approaches to skills and recruitment that already exist, and to come up with solutions to the challenges being faced in recruitment, retention and skills development. We have now gone through all the notes and feedback, and created this report from the three events.

“Actions suggested at the meetings were: finding a positive message that all our industries can get behind; aligning promotion more closely with STEM subjects; further investigating what young people want from a career; supporting the creation of resources that help learning outside the classroom; working with others to share best practice in the provision and support of placements; reviewing opportunities within the existing Foundation Apprenticeships; working with SDS and others to review apprenticeship frameworks and associated guidance; and reviewing skills groups.

“Across the country, some employers are struggling to find the right skills for their business, so Lantra Scotland will continue to work with partners to identify and implement solutions to these challenges.”

You can read the Skills Summit report here.