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The Women in Agriculture Practical Training Fund has been established by Scottish Government to support the personal development of women, providing them with additional skills to progress their careers and employment opportunities in Scottish agriculture beyond their current role.

One of the key findings of research into women in farming and the agriculture sector was that there was a clear need for more access to, and uptake of, vocational, practical training for women across the industry.

“We want more women in agriculture to have opportunities to develop their skills and talents. As well as supporting our Fair Work agenda, ensuring the sector is accessible to women will help to ensure the long-term sustainability and resilience of Scotland’s rural economy" (Programme for Government (2019-20).

Please read the following guidance then complete the application form at the bottom of the page.

What kind of courses can I apply for?

Courses eligible for funding can include: business skills; environmental and sustainability; health and safety; plants and animals; vehicles, machinery and equipment. We are happy to consider - on a case by case basis - individual modules or units from full-time courses, if they have a direct focus on agriculture.

Other courses available through Skillseeder will also be considered if you can demonstrate the relevance and value of the training.

Examples of Training Providers

Argyll College UHI

Borders College

Borders Machinery Ring

Borders Training Group

Braehillor Sheepdog Handler Training

Central Caithness Training Group


Highland Business Services

Inverness College UHI

Landmark Systems


Lews Castle College UHI

LJX Training

Lothian Machinery Ring

Moray College UHI

Nithcree Training

Orkney College UHI

Perth College UHI

Perth HGV

Perthshire Plant Training (Scotland)


Robertsons Training

Rural Services Scotland


Shetland UHI


Tarff Valley

Tayforth Machinery Ring

Treevolution Scotland

West Highland College UHI

WSM Training

You can see examples of the courses available at the foot of this page.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Women in Agriculture Practical Training Fund offers financial support to women or girls resident in Scotland who meet at least one of the following criteria:
•    They are working in Scottish agriculture or are keen to join the industry
•    They are on a full-time or part-time agriculture course

Criteria for applications

This fund aims to provide women in Rural Scotland with greater opportunities for training, and so help address the current gender imbalance within the agricultural industry. It is open to any woman or girl resident in Scotland who is either already working in or studying agriculture, full-time or part-time, or who is keen to start. In your application you should explain how the training will support the development of your business or employment options. We particularly welcome applications from remote rural and island communities.

While priority will be given to new applicants, you can continue making applications to develop your skills over several months, as long as you only apply for a maximum of one course a month.


• 100% funding is available for training up to the value of £500 per course
• You can apply for training that is more than £500, but you will have to explain the value to you or your business in your application form.
• If the costs of travel and/or requirements for accommodation could prevent you from attending the training, please provide more information in the application form.

Please note you should wait until you get confirmation of funding from us before you do any training, as we cannot make retrospective payments for training undertaken before approval is granted.

What will NOT be funded

The Fund is aimed at supporting individual women in Scottish agriculture, who would otherwise not have access to training and development courses.  
It is NOT designed to support larger agricultural employers, who ought to be investing in the training and development needs of all their staff and should have a staff development budget allocated to cover these needs.  

Training that would NOT be funded includes:
•    training which is a statutory requirement for the individual’s continuing employment
•    training which an employer says an individual must undertake to retain existing employment
•    any training which the Fund advisory group considers that an employer could and should provide for, including training for their current role.      

If you would like guidance on your eligibility, what you can apply for, or any part of the funding application process, contact either scotland@lantra.co.uk or one of the training providers above.

How much can I apply for?

Funding for 100% of costs is available for training up to the value of £500 per course.

Applications for training over the value of £500 will still be accepted and will be assessed depending on the value to the individual or business.  All applications over the value of £500 will be discussed and reviewed on a case by case basis by the Review Panel.

How quickly will I hear back from you?

Applications over £500 and those which require further discussion will be considered at our fortnightly Review Panel meetings.

At the latest, we will give you a decision within five working days of the panel meeting. We may ask you for more information so we can look at your application again at a future meeting.


Can I apply for more than one course?

You can only apply for one course each month, but you can apply for different courses over several months.

What courses are eligible?

Courses eligible for funding include financial, technical, business efficiency, improving sustainability, plants and animals or those covering machinery and equipment training. Applications will be scored against the value to the individual and the business and whether the course is a legal requirement or more developmental in nature.

Can I get funding for a test?

Because this is a training fund, it doesn’t cover standalone tests, but you can apply for funding if your training course includes an assessment or test.

What happens if I am unable to attend the course?

If you fail to attend training with no reasonable notice, you may be liable for the full costs of the replacement booking.

Who will assess my application?

Our Review Panel is made up of a representative from the Scottish Government (which is funding the training), a representative from Lantra Scotland with practical farming experience and knowledge of accredited training, and another with administrative and training delivery experience. Where required, the panel will draw on internal and external specialist advice.

Is there a deadline for completing the training?  

Once we confirm that you are getting funding, you have six months to complete the training. In exceptional circumstances this may be extended.

Fund re-opening

Fill in our enquiry form here and we'll contact you when the fund opens again.

If you would like guidance on your eligibility, what you can apply for, or any part of the funding application process, contact either scotland@lantra.co.uk or one of the training providers above.

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