Advanced Apprenticeship (AA) in Farriery

Advanced Apprenticeship (AA) in Farriery


In Great Britain, the approved route to becoming qualified to shoe horses is by completing an Advanced Apprenticeship in Farriery.

The Advanced Apprenticeship (AA) in Farriery includes periods of block release college training as well as on the job training with an Approved Training Farrier (ATF) - outcomes include a Technical Certificate (WCF Diploma in Farriery), a Diploma in Farriery (Work-based) and a College Certificate in Business.

Currently this training is not available through Scottish colleges or universities, although the Approved Training Farrier can be based in Scotland. Approved colleges by the Farriers Registration Council are Herefordshire and Ludlow CollegeMyerscough College and WCG.

For more information, please see the Farriers Registration Council webpages on 'Becoming a Farrier'.

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