SMS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why have Lantra developed this service?

    The COVID-19 virus and lockdown restrictions mean that many businesses are facing labour shortages. This is especially important for the land-based sector in Scotland, because if farmers or their staff become ill, their animals and crops still need to be cared for.

    Other people who travel between farms and who are at risk of infection may need their jobs covered too, including: sheep shearers, sheep dipping contractors, foot trimmers, AI Technicians, fruit pickers and vets.

    Where can I find out about it?

    Find out more about the Skills Matching Service for Scotland here. You can apply to take part if you are an individual looking for work in Scotland, or you have a business in Scotland and are looking for more staff.

    Can my business apply for help?

    The service is open to businesses based in Scotland that are looking for extra staff and which are agricultural, horticultural or are a vet practice.

    I need a job, so can I apply?

    If you are looking for work in Scotland, if you have been furloughed or if you are a student not currently in education, then please apply here.

    What will I be asked in the application form?

    We need your contact details, including home address and telephone number. We would prefer to have an email too, but you can still complete the form without one.

    You should tell us what skills you have, what tasks you are prepared to do, if you are looking for part-time or full-time work, how far you can travel to work and if you are willing to move, if there is somewhere for you to stay locally.

    If you run a business, you should tell us what skills you are looking in new workers, the tasks they will carry out, the number of hours they will work, remuneration and if any training is available.

    What if I’m not able to answer all the questions in the form?

    If you’d like help to fill in your application form, please call us on 01738 310164.

    How will I know if my application has reached Lantra?

    We can only process your application if you have ticked the consent box on the last page of the application form, as this then gives us permission to contact you.
    If you have included your email address and ticked the consent form, you will get an automatic email from us confirming that we have received your application.

    How does Lantra match up individuals and businesses?

    After we get your form, we download your details and search our database for a suitable match between employer and potential staff, looking at skills, location and availability.

    Once we find a match, we check with the potential employee whether it would be of interest, and if so whether it is okay to pass on their contact details and application form. At the same time, we contact the business and check that they are happy to have their contact details shared with potential employees.
    We then provide an email introduction, after which the business arranges an interview by phone.

    How will Lantra know if the match was successful?
    Normally both parties let us know, but just incase they don’t, two weeks after we make the match, we will contact employers and employees to find out how successful it has been. We can provide more help again at this point, if needed.
    How much does it cost?
    We are not acting as a commercial recruitment consultancy, so the Skills Matching Service is free. It is our way of helping the land-based sector to fill key vacancies by finding people with the right skills during the COVID-19 crisis.
    Are other services like this available?
    Yes, they are, and to suit the needs of the devolved nations, there are different arrangements depending upon where you live. You can find out more about some nationally listed vacancies at:
    Pick for Britain
    HOPS labour solutions.