We had a busy twelve months to the end of March 2018 in Lantra Scotland. Here's a summary of our annual report and here's the full 2017-18 annual report with more details.


Lantra is committed to the promotion of Scotland’s land-based industries, raising awareness of career opportunities in the sector to address current skills shortages.

Royal Highland Show

Working with industry partners and with the introduction of interactive activities, this resulted in an increased number of people being aware of skills and career opportunities within the sector.

Land-based and Aquaculture Learner of the Year Awards

This event celebrates the achievements of those who have excelled in their learning. The 2018 event saw 44 finalists along with 240 guests, the highest number ever to attend the awards, enjoy an evening of celebration.

The awards were hosted by TV presenter and musician Dougie Vipond and the finalists have been invited to join the Lantra Industry Champions Initiative.

Industry Champions Initiative

Fergus Ewing, Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy and Connectivity, launched Lantra’s Industry Champions Initiative at the 2017 Royal Highland Show.
The aim is to help inspire the next generation of learners and supporting skills development the land-based, environmental conservation and aquaculture sector. Over 1500 people have attended events where champions have been involved, helping us reach a wider audience.

Supported by our industry champions
Career events

Excellent feedback was gathered from evaluation during and after workshops. Key outcomes were that participants intended to share the resources and knowledge gained and explore new partnerships formed.

Career events
Promoting Learning and Skills Development


Promoting Learning and Skills Development
Industry and stakeholder engagement

Direct industry and stakeholder engagement to increase awareness and understanding of the business benefits of investing in learning, skills development and training during the year.

  • Support for Lantra’s standards and qualifications and apprenticeship work including the development of the Level 4 Technical Apprenticeship in Rural Land Use and Management which will offer enhanced progress into agriculture and wider rural industries.
  • Consulted with industry following requests for evidence of demand for Modern Apprenticeships from Skills Development Scotland, and to enable a review of career brochures.
  • Discussions at our Chairman’s receptions on learning, skills development and training with key areas taken forward and follow up receptions organised to report on developments.
  • Direct industry and stakeholder engagement to increase awareness and understanding of the business benefits of investing in learning, skills development and training during the year.
  • Speaking at various industry events on topics covering opportunities for investment in learning and skills development for Scotland’s land-based industries.
  • Attendance at 74 industry and stakeholder events and shows to increase awareness and understanding of the business benefits of investing in learning, skills development and training.
  • Supporting requests for advice and guidance ranging from enquiries on instructor development, training courses to information on Modern Apprenticeships.
  • 5 case studies developed to showcase the business benefits of investing in skills.
  • Active partner with industry, including Skills for Farming Group, Forest and Timber Technologies Skills Group, Scotland Food and Drink People and Skills Board, Scotland Food and Drink Implementation Group (Lantra being a joint Priority lead to ‘Raise the profile and image of the sector to attract new entrants), helping to raise awareness of the skills needs of Scottish land-based and aquaculture businesses.
  • Scottish Farm Advisory Service accreditation and quality assurance of farm business advisors and integrated land management plans in support of the Scottish Farm Advisory Service and specifically the work of Ricardo Energy and Environment.
Awareness and understanding

Increased awareness and understanding of land-based and aquaculture learning and training provision amongst industry businesses and organisations and other key stakeholders.

  • Lantra has responded to a number of consultations to help influence skills policies, strategies and funding on behalf of land-based and aquaculture businesses including the Scottish Government’s Agriculture Champions’ discussion document.
  • Lantra also supported the Champions’ work with education pathways research, resulting in an increased awareness and understanding of landbased learning and training provision.
  • A skills briefing event brought together relevant industry skills updates and encouraged engagement with industry partners. Post-event evaluation identified that the single biggest reason for attending the event was to improve knowledge, especially of new initiatives, hear examples of good practice and to find out how delegates own organisations could fit in to the work of others and that these objectives had been met.
  • A career progression route map to clarify pathways and identify gaps has been developed. This is a single point where information is held for all sector qualifications, and will support increased awareness and understanding of learning and training provision.
  • Lantra has supported innovative investment in learning through active participation in the Fife Forestry Shared Apprenticeship Scheme and researched the potential for an agriculture shared apprenticeship in Argyll and the Islands.
  • Lantra carried out instructor and assessor network research which provided information on current provision. The report evidences geographic and skills gaps and will help to inform awarding organisations in recruiting and supporting skills development in Scotland’s rural industries.
Trends in Modern Apprenticeships 2009 - 2018
Trends in Modern Apprenticeships 2009 - 2018
Lantra Scotland Team

Each team member has been given specific industries to lead on resulting in enhanced knowledge, new contacts and wider support for Lantra’s standards, qualifications and apprenticeship work.
Two development days were organised, one to enhance knowledge of the equine industry, and the other to support communication and team building skills.

Lantra Scotland team
Planned activity for 2018-2019
Planned activity for 2018-2019