Modern Apprenticeships make sure that you have the right skills and knowledge for the industry you want to work in. There are lots of benefits of doing a Modern Apprenticeship.

Support during training

Your employer or training provider will make sure you have a mentor. Their job is to make sure your training fits your needs, offers the right skills for your job and satisfies national standards. They will also be there to help you if you have difficulties with a part of your Modern Apprenticeship.

Your future

Modern Apprenticeships can be demanding but very rewarding. Because you will get training in the skills employers want, you get more choices in your career. You can carry on working, get promoted or go on to a higher level of education.

A choice of industries and employers

Apprenticeships have been developed by a wide range of industries and are available with different types of employers, from large companies to small businesses.

There are many subjects available, so choosing the right one will depend on your interests, your experience and local opportunities for you. All Modern Apprenticeships include:

  • A competence-based element (the Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) qualification)
  • Core Skills - these are transferable skills such as working in teams, problem-solving, communication, numeracy and using new technology
  • Additional qualifications appropriate to the industry - such as chainsaw use or crop spraying.


People who do Modern Apprenticeships often earn much more money throughout their careers than other employees.