Banner showing STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Learning in STEM often links to Learning for Sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals. This helps learners to understand how STEM plays a vital role in finding solutions to real world issues or challenges such as protecting biodiversity and tackling climate change.

There are multiple pathways into a career in STEM including Apprenticeships, further and higher education. This means that a career in STEM is open to everyone! At Lantra Scotland, we want to make sure that young people and career influencers are aware of the wide range of STEM opportunities that exist within the land-based, aquaculture and environmental conservation sector. We have created the below STEM Prezi to help showcase the different job roles, uses of STEM and signposting to great video resources from our industries:

To navigate, please click through the arrows at the bottom of the presentation, or click on the specific industry to find out more.

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Here are some useful resources for land-based careers involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (or STEM): 

STEM Aqua - Microscop
  • We have created a YouTube STEM playlist - this brings together all our videos with a STEM focus.
  • The Careers pages of our website have information and videos which highlight the major land-based, aquaculture and environmental conservation industries in Scotland.
  • We have created a list of useful links to other land-based and aquaculture STEM career resources.
  • SRUCBytes are 20 minute sessions giving insight into the use of technology in the natural economy and the real benefit it achieves.
  • STEM Ambassadors are a fantastic resource of positive role models who  bring STEM subjects and careers to life - there are many STEM Ambassadors across our industries and two new schemes have been launched to highlight STEM careers in Forestry and Aquaculture.