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There are lots of rewarding careers in the land-based, aquaculture and environmental conservation sector, so find out what's available below.

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Qualifications and training

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You could also earn while you learn in a job by doing a Modern Apprenticeship and gaining a nationally accredited qualification through work.

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For people who are practical, hard-working and like the outdoors or who have an interest in science and technology.


Ideal if you like working outdoors, developing new skills and keeping up with the latest science and technology.

Environmental Conservation

The environmental conservation industry is amongst the most diverse, dynamic and rewarding in Scotland.


Love horses and want a job where you could work with them every day? Choose a career in the equine industry!

Fisheries Management

Great choice if you enjoy working outdoors and have a passion for fishing.

Game and Wildlife

If you like to use your initiative, take responsibility and work hard, then Game and Wildlife is for you!


Be creative and get your hands dirty with a helping of science and technology and a whole lot of horticulture.

Land-based Engineering

If you have problem-solving abilities and can come up with innovative solutions to challenges, come and work with the latest technologies.

Trees and Timber

Like being outdoors using machinery and getting your hands dirty, or prefer science or research within a lab? Trees and timber is the career for you!

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