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Environmental Conservation

Conserving Scotland’s landscapes, habitats and species, and promoting substantial public access and recreation, has never been more important, especially with the wider impact of climate change and developments in land use.

There is a real need to conserve some of our more fragile landscapes and habitats in both rural and urban areas, and if you choose a career in environmental conservation and management you can make a real contribution to Scotland’s natural heritage.

Being part of this exciting industry could see you working locally on planning and parks, nationally on nature reserves, public access and outstanding national scenic areas, or internationally on climate change issues.

If you are committed to protecting the environment, have a flair for science, like the sound of working outdoors or are interested in solutions to environmental changes, a career in this diverse and rewarding industry could be for you.

Environmental conservation is evolving continually to meet the ever-changing needs of landscapes, legislation and scientific advances, so you need to be flexible too. You may start off as a volunteer warden with your local council and develop into a senior ecologist at the other side of the world, if you are prepared to work hard and develop your skills and knowledge. Take a look at the example jobs below for inspiration.

Find out about the training available through The Mountains and the People in this short video.