Erica Taylor

Modern Apprenticeships provide employees with hands-on experience of learning from their employer and the chance to work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

There are lots of benefits for employers and apprentices too. Find out more from our webinar.

Trainees, employers and training providers work together so the Modern Apprentice can develop their skills and knowledge through a package of learning at work and off-the-job learning at college.

Modern Apprenticeships normally take between 1–3 years to complete and are open to anyone aged 16 or over.

Subjects currently available are:

  • Agriculture Level 2 (SCQF 5) and 3 (SCQF 6)
  • Aquaculture Level 2 (SCQF 5) and 3 (SCQF 7) with a Technical Apprenticeship at Level 4 (SCQF 9)
  • Equine Level 2 (SCQF 5) and 3 (SCQF 6)
  • Game and Wildlife Management Level 2 (SCQF 5)
  • Horticulture Level 2 (SCQF 5) and 3 (SCQF 6)
  • Land-based Engineering Level 2 (SCQF 5) and 3 (SCQF 6)
  • Rural Land Use and Management Level 4 (SCQF 8)
  • Rural Skills Level 2 (SCQF 5) and 3 (SCQF 6/7)
  • Trees and Timber Level 2 (SCQF 5) and 3 (SCQF 6)

You can find more details on the SDS website under Animal Care, Land and Water-based and under Food and Drink.

If you're thinking of doing a Modern Apprenticeship, get in touch with us and we'll pass your contact details on to a training provider.

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