Benefits of Modern Apprenticeships to employers

Modern Apprenticeships can offer you a way to harness new talent, providing your workforce with the practical skills and experience needed now and in the future.

With so many different types available, there’s bound to be a place for an apprentice in your organisation.

Valued by businesses

Research shows that lots of businesses actually find skills shortages and recruitment difficulties a bigger threat to performance than fuel prices and declining customer spending. But did you know that more than a quarter of these business rate apprenticeships higher than any other qualification?

Benefits a Modern Apprentice can bring:

  • Improve your business performance - because apprentices get relevant training, they can make a real and meaningful contribution to your business. Their training is ‘on-the-job’, so they add to your productivity while gaining directly from the skills and experience of those around them.
  • Motivate your workforce - Apprenticeships are available to both new and current employees. They tend to be more enthusiastic and keen to know more as a result of their training. It also makes them feel more valued so it can be easier to retain them in the longer-term.
  • Give you relevant skills - Apprenticeships can provide your business with skills that are not only specific to your industry, but also relevant to your business. They are designed around business needs by industry specialists who genuinely understand what your industry does.
  • Help you avoid skills shortages – change and innovation are always with us. By taking on apprentices, your workforce could develop the specialist skills needed to keep up with the latest technology and working practices in your industry.

To find out more information about Modern Apprenticeships and employing an apprentices follow this link to the website and click on 'Take on an Apprentice'.