Equido Qualifications

Equido Qualifications


Equido is a detailed and comprehensive training methodology and system designed and developed by Ross Dhu Equestrian. This system gives the learner the unique chance to qualify in an alternative training system based on Natural Horsemanship philosophy.

Equido qualifications are available at four levels:

  • Level 1: This level introduces you to the concepts and teachings of Equido whilst ensuring that you fully understand the basic requirements of horse care management.
  • Level 2: This level is more in depth with regards to the horse care and management and begins to introduce you to the concepts of Natural Horsemanship and the Equido system of work. 
  • Level 3: for those keen to learn more, Level 3 offers concepts and teaching that can enable you to fully acquire the knowledge of a professional Yard Manager and Horse Trainer. At this level, students can begin to diversify into specific areas of expertise, such as riding techniques or groundwork.
  • Level 4: This is a requirement for anyone wishing to be Instructors and Trainers in the Equido system. This level will also introduce you to basic business management skills and booking keeping requirements when running your own business. This is the highest level an Equido student can attain and will qualify you as a Professional Trainer, allowing you to teach students of your own under the Equido umbrella.

For more information, please visit Ross Dhu Equestrian or their specific website, Equido Horsemanship.