The equine industry is one of the most dynamic and diverse within the land-based and environmental sector.

It provides a wide range of employment opportunities across Scotland, from riding schools, competition and racehorse yards, to professional horse training, the armed forces and mounted police.

For a career in this industry you need to be skilled and dedicated and be willing to put in some hard work. If you love horses and want a job where you could work with them every day, a career in the equine industry could be for you.

Whether you want to work in livery yards, riding schools, or with saddlers or blacksmiths, you will be in regular contact with horses, so it’s important to choose the best career route. However, a real passion for horses will give you the motivation you need to work throughout the seasons. Whatever your preference might be, you will find a career here both interesting and rewarding. Take a look at the example jobs below for inspiration.


Equine careers brochure
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